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Resources for Grief

Resources for Grief is dedicated to providing personalized, supportive, and compassionate resources for those who grieve. Our professional and beautifully-written bereavement resources can be used by organizations such as hospice programs, funeral homes, and faith communities, or by individuals who wish to provide encouragement and support to someone who is grieving.

The stress of grief usually takes a physical and emotional toll on survivors. Trustworthy and consistent grief support can make a tremendous difference in helping the bereaved adjust and cope.

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A Note from the Author and Creator of Resources for Grief:

Thanks so much for visiting my website. Let me take a moment to introduce myself so that you can have confidence my resources have been developed by someone with a depth of experience and knowledge.

I have been supporting the bereaved for decades as a hospice nurse, support group facilitator, bereavement counselor, and grief educator. Without a doubt, the loss of a sister when I was a child helped prepare me for this kind of work.

Personal and professional experience with grief provided my writing inspiration. Academic education and specialized training in grief and loss provided the tools for managing the varied responses. And, I dare not forget to mention the many colleagues who have reviewed my writings offering suggestions for improvement.

Please let me know if you have any questions as you consider my unique bereavement resources, and thanks again for visiting my website!

- Rebecca Hauder, B.S.N, M.Ed