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Grief Support Mailings

English version

The Grief Support Mailings is a comprehensive bereavement follow-up program for organizations. The Mailings come with a User Manual and an accompanying USB flash drive that contain a series of 12 compassionate Letters and a single-page Grief Educational Enclosure to accompany each Letter. An additional Enclosure, "Holiday Bill of Rights," is included to place in the October or November mailing.

Grief support mailings and educational enclosures Grief support mailings and educational enclosures
Grief Support Mailings printed on your letterhead accompanied by an Educational Enclosure each month

The Letters and Grief Educational Enclosures are designed for sending to the bereaved at monthly intervals throughout the first year, although they can be sent less frequently, such as every other month or quarterly. They are formatted for printing on agency letterhead stationary, giving the sending institution consistent visibility, and the recipients of the mailings name recognition and loyalty.

Grief support mailings and educational enclosures Grief support mailings and educational enclosures
Letters and Educational Enclosures for each month

The Grief Support Mailings is an economical, high quality bereavement resource. The purchasing organization is free to make as many copies of the mailings as needed for bereavement follow-up. In addition, the Educational Enclosures can be used for other purposes--as conversation starters on home visits or as handouts in grief support groups.

A sample form is included to help you track the mailings. If you need a more sophisticated system to reduce staff time, consider our Grief Support Mailings Database.

The Grief Support Mailings have been written with respect and sensitivity for religious, cultural, age, and gender differences. Also, many grief and loss professionals, as well as the bereaved, have reviewed them. You can use the Grief Support Mailings with confidence!

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The Grief Support Mailings, English version, is $225. For an additional $75, receive the Spanish version as well.

Organizations with multiple office locations: Each Grief Support Mailings ordered is designed for use by a single office location. Additional copies can be purchased for other offices of the same organization at a reduced rate. Contact us for more information.

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