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Presentation: Surviving the Holidays in the Midst of Grief

Grief Presentation Guide

Presentation Guide

A complete guide for a 1- or 2-hour event that includes:

  • Suggestions for the presenter
  • A complete teaching script, including optional discussion questions
  • Two handouts: Embrace the Memories and Holiday Bill of Rights
  • An Evaluation handout

Managing grief is difficult! But coping with grief during the holidays is especially tough. The realization that things will be different now that a loved one is gone evokes feelings of sadness and loneliness, and a sense that celebrations would be dishonoring of the one who died. In other words, holidays after a death are confusing.

This complete guide to "Surviving the Holidays in the Midst of Grief," or some other appropriate title of your choosing, offers practical tips for handling grief during the holiday season. If you want to provide the bereaved in your circle of influence a place to talk, an opportunity to learn, and an environment to become acquainted with others going through grief, we suggest purchasing this easy-to-use use and inexpensive presentation.

The Surviving the Holidays presentation guide will be sent to you electronically within 24 hours of purchase. When you order, make sure to include the email address where the digital file containing all of the above should be sent.

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