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Resources For Grief

Books for the Bereaved

These popular little books, with color photographs, are sure to provide inspiration and comfort for the bereaved. The 80 page Journal includes a list of feeling words and guidelines for writing.

The Nature of Grief: Photographs and Words for Reflection and Healing
The Nature of Grief Journals
When Shiner Died: A Children's Book About Pet Loss

Resources For Grief

Sympathy Cards and Magnets

Demonstrate your care and concern for the bereaved by sending sympathy cards and/or informational magnets. Both the cards and magnets can be personalized with the name of an individual or organization.

Nature of Grief Sympathy Cards
Informational Magnets -- "Self Care for the Grief Journey"

The Nature of Caregiving - book

Caregiver Resources

The Nature of Caregiving: Photographs and Words to Inspire Self-Care
Caregivers of all kinds will feel informed, supported, and inspired through the artful nature photographs, quotes, and 40 practical self-care tips in this most beautiful book.

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Free Resources

pdf Helping Someone Who is Grieving
pdf Helping Yourself Through Grief
pdf Responding to Children in Grief