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Grief Support Mailings With Online Database (Includes Email Option!)

This version of the Grief Support Mailings merges our monthly Mailings with a secure* online database. It simplifies the tracking and printing of the Mailings, creates address labels, provides you with an email option, and even allows you to chart on each bereaved. The Grief Support Mailings with Online Database is an ideal choice for larger bereavement programs.

How It Works

With a subscription to the Online Database Version of the Grief Support Mailings, you have access to your organization's database site anytime you choose, 24/7. When there is a death, simply login to the database, with a secure password. There you enter the name of the deceased, their date of death, and the names of the corresponding bereaved, including their contact information. Finally, from a drop-down menu, choose whether the bereaved is to receive a paper mailing, an email mailing, or no mailing.

Sometimes you will login to the database to access bereavement records on a client, chart on a follow-up home visit or phone call, or to edit or add some additional information to one of your records. Also, at an appointed time of your choosing each month, login to the database to print your Mailings and address labels, and/or to generate emails.

What's Included

The Grief Support Mailings consist of 12 compassionate Letters and a single-page Educational Enclosure to accompany each Letter. While the Mailings are designed for sending to the bereaved each month for the first year following death, you can choose to send them less frequently. A Special Holiday Enclosure is included to put with the October or November mailing.

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The Letters are formatted for printing on your organization's letterhead stationery, thus giving your institution consistent and important visibility. Also, be assured that the Mailings have been written with sensitivity towards religious, cultural, age and gender differences, appealing to a wide range of persons.

Grief support mailings and educational enclosures Grief support mailings and educational enclosures
Letters and Educational Enclosures for each month

Our primary goal is assisting customers in meeting the needs of the bereaved. Our secure, easy-to-use database helps ensure that each bereaved person receives the consistent support and information they deserve. Your organization can be assured it is providing the best bereavement resources available.

* Our Digicert SSL certificate encryption keeps sensitive information sent over the Internet private and secure. This includes but is not limited to credit card information, passwords, names and addresses.

Order the Grief Support Mailings Database

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A one-year subscription to the Grief Support Mailings With Database is $449. You may order your subscription by mail or online. We accept check or credit card for payment.

Organizations with multiple office locations: Each subscription is designed for use by a single office location. Additional subscriptions can be purchased for additional offices at a reduced rate. Contact us for more information.

Still Undecided?

Our mission is have satisfied clients. If the Grief Support Mailings with database does not meet your expectations, call us within 3 days of purchase to receive your money back!

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