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Welcome to this online journal for caregivers to the dying or bereaved—important and challenging work, for sure! My goal is to support you by providing inspirational thoughts, pertinent resources, and suggestions for self-care. With appreciation for all you do!

- Rebecca Hauder

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Seize Opportunities the Holidays Bring

Seize Opportunities the Holidays Bring

November 9, 2016

Below is a copy of a Self-Care Tip I posted two years ago this month. I thought it appropriate to resend in advance of the holidays. And, I think it has particular relevance if tensions have developed with family, friends, or co-workers as a result of this divisive election!


Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and a month later we'll be celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. Holidays, while enjoyable for some, create a great deal of stress for others. Those individuals and families impacted by life-threatening illness or the loss of a loved one often say they would rather skip November and December all together. Yet, even under the most difficult of circumstances, the holidays offer an ideal opportunity to nurture the relationships you consider important, even if strained. Here are some ideas in the form of a "gift list" to get you started:

The Gift of Touch: A squeeze of the hand, a massage of the shoulders, or a gentle hug speaks louder than words.
The Gift of Reminiscing-Share fond memories from past holidays.
The Gift of Gratitude-Describe to another the qualities appreciated about him/her.
The Gift of Forgiveness-Ask for and grant forgiveness for past mistakes, regrets and failures.
The Gift of Gentleness-Be gentle with yourself and others. Each person is doing the best they can.
The Gift of "I Love You"-Reaffirm the power of love that transcends even the most challenging of relationships.
Remember that while it may be ideal to give these gifts in person, a letter expressing your thoughts is a great option too.

Have a Blessed Holiday Season, 

Rebecca S. Hauder, RN, LCPC

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