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Welcome to this online journal for caregivers to the dying or bereaved—important and challenging work, for sure! My goal is to support you by providing inspirational thoughts, pertinent resources, and suggestions for self-care. With appreciation for all you do!

- Rebecca Hauder

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Consider Self-Care a Part-Time Job!

February 1, 2017

It's winter as I write this, and the weather has been downright depressing. Six weeks of little to no sunshine has had a cumulative effect on my spirit. Exercise has been a chore, and I've had little motivation to lose the extra pounds I gained over the holidays.
Into this stupor of self-neglect, I attended a noon seminar on the topic of healthy aging. Not surprisingly, I learned that the same tactics known to reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases--a healthy diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise, spiritual practices, and fostering friendships--are also the keys to healthy aging. What else is new? I thought. But when, near the conclusion of the presentation, the speaker suggested we consider self-care a part-time job, it struck a chord! I'm conscientious and try to do my best when fulfilling a job, whether or not I'm in the mood. I could look at exercise and the cultivation of other healthy habits the same way!
I realize another job is hardly what you, a hardworking caregiver, want or think you need, but nonetheless, self-care must be given part-time job status! The person receiving your care is dependent upon you staying mentally and physically healthy, and the practices that promote this state of well-being take time! As a reminder to yourself, place a note in a prominent place that reads, "Self-care is my new part-time job!"

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